08-1044 In the Matter of B.W. from Harris County and the First District Court of Appeals, Houston For petitioner: Michael Choyke, Houston For respondent: Dan McCrory, Houston The principal issues are (1) whether a child 13 or younger can be adjudicated for a prostitution offense when a child under 14 cannot legally consent to sexual conduct and (2) whether the state violated the child’s due-process rights by failing to investigate whether she was compelled to prostitute herself. In this case the girl, a foster-care runaway, argues that she could not be adjudicated for an offense that involved an act she was legally incapable of consenting to. That would lead to an absurd result, she argues, taking her offense outside the general scope of juvenile law making juveniles subject to penal code violations as young as 10. And she contends her due-process rights were violated because she could have had an immunity defense to prostitution if juvenile prosecutors had pursued suspicion that she was forced into prostitution by her 32-year-old boyfriend. She essentially pleaded guilty (“true”) to the prostitution allegation, but moved for a new trial on her contention she was too young to be adjudicated for the offense. The trial court denied her motion and the court of appeals affirmed. The first argument begins at 9 a.m. in the courtroom in Austin. Each side will have 20 minutes for argument. This advisory serves only as an abbreviated guide to oral argument. Summaries are prepared by the Court’s staff attorney for public information and reflect his judgment alone on facts and legal issues and in no way represent the Court’s opinion about case merits. Texas Supreme Court advisory Contact: Osler McCarthy, Staff Attorney for Public Information (512) 463.1441 or email: osler.mccarthy@courts.state.tx.us